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Welcome to the official website of the Boston/Strasbourg Sister City Association (BSSCA). We have fostered the relationship between the sister cities of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and Strasbourg, Alsace, France for 60 years! Boston and Strasbourg began their association in 1960 thanks to the inspiration of Strasbourg native, Charles Munch, then conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.


The BSSCA has entertained Strasbourg mayors, sponsored numerous student exchanges, sent Bostonians to the European Parliament, scientists to French laboratories, business students on internships, and enabled bakers, firemen, community gardeners, artists, and musicians to visit their sister city.

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As part of its 60th anniversary, the BSSCA sponsored an international art project called Art on Science: 26 études. For more information, see the article below and a link to the auction of some of the pieces. The exhibit will be on display in Strasbourg at Librarie Kléber through October 30, 2020. The above article ran in last week's DNA, the local Strasbourg newspaper. 

To commemorate our 60th anniversary, BSSCA sponsored an art project called: Art on Science: 26 études (AS26). This initiative paired 26 artists with 26 scientists, half from each city. Science was the catalyst for artistic expression, and art was the catalyst for scientific observation. The goal was to produce two portfolios of artwork based on scientific themes. Each piece of art has a commentary written by the scientist partner. Topics ranged from the effects of climate change to the exploration of the cosmos with compelling, beautiful, and thought provoking results!

Portfolio #1 is being auctioned on-line OCTOBER 6-26, 2020 


Each piece of original artwork will be accompanied by the scientist’s written text and proceeds will support future BSSCA cultural exchanges. The BSSCA extends a special thanks to the Mosesian Center for the Arts for hosting this virtual auction to promote artistic expression and cultural awareness. 


Boston/Strasbourg's own Marie Maurer took the top prize in Club Innovation et Culture France's recent national competition reinterpreting works from French art collections. A retired teacher living in Strasbourg and long-term member of the BSSCA, Marie reinterpreted La Belle Strasbourgeoise, an 18th century iconic painting by Nicolas de Largillière. For more details, see the full article. 

Jeanne Barseghian Elected as Strasbourg Mayor   





STRASBOURG, France (,, etc.) - Jeanne Barseghian was elected as mayor of Strasbourg for a six-year term on June 28 during the French municipal elections, postponed three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 39-year-old Barseghian won on the list of a European green or ecological party, Europe Écologie les Verts (EELV).


Only a few months ago, her name was barely known to the public at large. She joined EELV and began her first political campaign in the 2014 municipal elections on the list of Alain Jund, which joined in the second round with the list of Roland Ries. Winning, she became a municipal councilor, as well as an advisor at the Eurométropole of Strasbourg, an intercommunal region including 33 municipalities.


She was particularly involved in the battle against waste. In 2016, she signed a platform demanding the removal of plastic trays in school cafeterias. Two years later, she and her fellow ecologists quit the executive of the Eurométropole in opposition to the highway bypass project to the west of Strasbourg (GCO).  


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Degas, Paris and the End of WWI

“The Art Sale at the End of the World: Degas, Paris, and the End of the First World War” is yet another of the riveting lectures made possible to many grateful learners by Dr. Neiberg’s meticulous scholarship. In this talk, recently presented at the Susquehanna Art Museum, Dr. Neiberg weaves an account of art and personality against the turmoil of WWI.


Thanks to Tina Sell, Director of Education at the Susquehanna Art Museum, you have the opportunity to see the video of The Art Sale at the End of the World by tapping the first link below.

Neiberg: The Art Sale at the End of the World.


Click here to view Q&A session.


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